Mission Statement
Suppliers and Erectors of Fencing products for the Commercial, Industrial and Domestic industry in a socially responsible manner with due diligence to profit margins.

Business Concept

  • Our going concern is to provide and affordable service timeously of the Wire and Fencing industry.

  • To constantly scan the market for the new opportunities and capatalize on those opportunities.

Our keen prices and dedicated management and staff are a definite strength.
Managements vast experience in the tasks  allocated to them is an opportunity to strive to greater heights.  

Whilst many small to medium size business like us have mushroomed recently  we hope to win business due to  our Diligence, Honesty and Commitment to our customers.

Goals and Objectives

  • Increase our local market share by 20% by the end of 2012.

  • Train our staff for total quality of management of our products.

Financial Plan
To have positive cash flow.
We hope to achieve this by increasing our customers base, offer incentives like settlement discounts and trade discounts to customers, and engage in just time buying practices for our inventory.

Resource Requirement

All resources are on hand to comply with the needs of the industry.

Key Issue
Short Term
To improve our personal service to clients.

Long Term
All staff  to be fully trained to perform their duties efficiently and timeously.

Risks And Rewards
No risks have been noted thus far for the company

Our Specialities

* Clearview / Pallisade
* Internal Fencing
* Wire Mesh Fencing
* Razor Wire Product
* Razor Mesh
* Diamond Mesh
* Spikes
* Creosot Poles
* Timber Fencing
* Gates

Contact Info

Office Number
031 564 0502

Mobile Numbers
083 699 0092
083 358 8675

Fax Number
031 505 6307


Physical Address
55 Marseilles Cresent
Briardene, 4051
Durban, KZN
South Africa