Clearview / Pallisade / Internal Fencing
Clear View Fencing has been engineered as a security barrier which sits visibly in conjunction to it’s surroundings. The high density, high tensile mesh includes apertures too narrow for finger and footholds, preventing climbing or cutting with standard tools, bolt cutters etc.

Wire Mesh Fencing
One of our core operation is the supply and erection of all types of Wire Mesh Fencing.

Diamond Mesh
A well known Domestic / Security fencing material with unlimited applications in agriculture, commerce, mining and Industry.

Steel Palisade Fencing
Steel Palisade Fencing Palisade is an affordable quality product. Suitable for domestic, residential sector, as well as the commercial business sector.

Weld Mesh
A well known Domestic, Security Fencing Product with unlimited applications in the agriculture, commerce and mining industries.

Timber Fencing
The timber fence is the iconic, best known, best loved type of fence in South Africa. This fencing is tough, long lasting and reliable. Timber Fencing remain the design choice for all types of home, from the traditional paling fence to the beautiful new timber look solid fences of the latest upmarket designs.

They’re true value adding features, providing functional solutions and great design character. They’ve become chic style statements which are both a pleasure to the eyes and a guarantee of privacy. The very best gates use only top quality reliable materials that are durable.

Treated Poles have subsequently gained the major share of the treated pole market. Creosote is a by-product of wood and coal burning and used to preserve wood against rot.

Security Fencing
Razor Wire Products
Due to the spiralling crime rate in our communities, the introduction of razor wire related products has become a necessity upon installation of fences.

Razor Mesh
Razor Mesh has been designed as a high security fencing mesh used to protect commercial, industrial and government institutions. The product is virtually impossible to climb or cut with standard tools. The diamond pattern combined with vertical opposing barbs act as an entrapment, yet it still has a neat appearance. Razor Mesh is installed throughout the world at airports, military bases, water reservoirs, warehouses, electrical sub-stations, border fences, oil depots, electrical sub-stations and factories.

Spikes are a simple yet effective method of enhancing the security of an existing wall or security fence. Spikes are easy to install and come in a variety of coatings or finishes.

Our Specialities

* Clearview / Pallisade
* Internal Fencing
* Wire Mesh Fencing
* Razor Wire Product
* Razor Mesh
* Diamond Mesh
* Spikes
* Creosot Poles
* Timber Fencing
* Gates

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